Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The descendants of Nimrod

God never had a plan for humanity. There is no supreme end, nor harmony at the end of times. There is no vice nor virtue. Nor blame nor sin, nor cause nor purpose. There is no sentence nor redemption, no eternal life, nor righteous nor sinners. There is only consciousness, freedom and passion.

A persistent will that propels the inert and the living as phenomenons of space, time and causality, has fun watching the Universe free and in perpetual conflict, where even the negligible particles that form it, subjected to that will, collide and transform themselves.

It's illusory building a Tower of Babel to reach heaven, since there is no virtue nor truth in it. Why challenge a God that mocks human beings, if we have to give up our freedom and our power in favor of the descendants of Nimrod? Those who know the human being and promise the daily bread and the kingdoms and wealth of this World  in return for his freedom and power.

Rebelling against an unfair God, whose miracles and advent, as a proof of its existence, we are expecting uselessly, is as useless as the wait itself. He, on his heavenly throne, keeps on laughing at his creation, repudiating it for giving up its freedom.

Rebellion of human being is, or should be, a rebellion against itself, against its indifference, against its apathy, against its fear of freedom.

From this rebellion, that recognizes freedom, dignity and passion of all human beings, will be born the man and the woman free, compassionate and able to develop all their potentiality through the empowerment of the individual and collective subject that acts according to a plan: BEING


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